30. How to Make Room for New Growth

Episode #30 – How to Make Room for New Growth

Jevonnah podcast episode 30

Before we get started today, I want to say thank you. Maybe not everyone whose lives you have touched has had the opportunity to come back and say thank you themselves, but I know you’ve done so much for other people, and I’m here to say thank you on their behalf.

Today, I have an important question for you: what are you letting go of to make room for new growth? Recently, I shared an email that pointed out that your success is in God’s hands. So rest in His love, and listen to the silence. Don’t get so caught up in checking things off of your to-do list that you forget what matters most.

Here’s the thing: a lot of us are holding onto things that need to be let go of. We’re holding onto baggage that needs to be cut off and let go of so we can grow in new areas of our lives. Let that bad relationship, negative thinking, or limited mindset go. What is it that’s draining your time and taking away from what’s most important?

After being inspired by Lara Casey, I filled my space with beautiful living plants. Every time I water and nurture these plants, I’m nurturing and tending my own soul and wellness. I’d like to invite you to do the same, whether with plants or even a pet. Loving outside of yourself gives you the opportunity to love yourself, too.

I’d also like to invite you to write down three things: the one thing you want to cultivate the most this year, one thing you’ll surround yourself with less of this year, and one thing you’ll fill your life with more of this year. As a bonus, write down what you’re saying yes to (and what you’re saying no to).

In This Episode:

[00:46] – Welcome to episode 30! Jevonnah shares her excitement to be here sharing this episode with you.

[01:32] – Thank you, on behalf of everyone whose lives you have touched.

[02:54] – Jevonnah shares an amazing success story that recently happened for one of her clients.

[06:14] – If you’re interested in coaching or any of Jevonnah’s courses, head over to this link to get started!

[06:29] – We move into today’s topic: letting go of the old to make room for new growth.

[08:38] – For a tree to grow, you need to cut the dead ends, Jevonnah points out.

[09:37] – Jevonnah shares her appreciation for Lara Casey and encourage listeners to bring something living into your space.

[11:52] – We hear about an orchid that Jevonnah was inspired to get.

[13:23] – Jevonnah gives listeners an assignment: get out a sheet of paper and write down three things that you want to tend to the most this year.

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