31. The Reason for this Podcast

The Reason for this Podcast


I’m so thankful to have you here! It’s a pleasure to be able to connect with you, and to do what I can to inspire, encourage, and support you along the way. But do you know the reason for this podcast? If not, tune in, because that’s what this episode is all about! I talk to a lot of my clients about the importance of having a strong “why,” and this episode is about coming back to home base and getting grounded again in my “why.”

Before we get into that, though, here’s a challenge for you, and something I’ve been practicing: reframe the things you have to do as things you get to do. So many people would love to have a job, to be able to go grocery shopping, or to pick up their kids. Thank God you have the means to buy food, or kids to pick up, or a job to go to!

Now, onto why I started this podcast. The opportunity to speak into your life and encourage you has been such an inspiration, help, and blessing for me as well. After I became a pastor’s wife, I knew that God was calling me to blend my experience as an entrepreneur and businesswoman with my new role. After ten years, I started this podcast for women in ministry, business, and leadership.

After praying on it, the words “entrepreneurial first lady” came to me, and I was called to create this podcast. My hope and prayer is that no matter who and where you are, what you hear in this podcast will help carry you through a hard time and help you realize the gifts that are inside of you. Thank you for being part of this journey, and letting me join you along the way.

In This Episode:

[00:43] – Jevonnah welcomes listeners to episode 31, and explains the subject of today’s episode.

[01:47] – We hear about Jevonnah’s conversation at the gym, when she reframed going to work as something she gets to do.

[02:59] – Jevonnah announces that the Thrive Summit 2019 is coming! Register for the event of the year at the link.

[04:08] – Today’s shoutout goes to Dr. Nina Garrett, who recently wrote Grace Will Lead You Home.

[06:07] – We learn about why Jevonnah started this podcast.

[08:49] – Jevonnah prayed to find a way to blend business and faith together, and immediately thought of the idea “entrepreneurial first lady.”

[09:28] – Jevonnah shares a hope for the future, and sums up her mission in creating the podcast.

[11:09] – We hear about how happy it makes Jevonnah to get emails from listeners all over the world.

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Grace Will Lead You Home by Dr. Nina Nelson-Garrett

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