34. How to Know when a Client is a Good Fit or Not

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#34: How to Know when a Client is a Good Fit or Not


Getting a potential lead interested in working with you is only half of the question. The other half is figuring out whether you want to work with them! And that’s what today’s episode is all about: how to know whether a client is the right fit (or not). Not everybody is going to be a “yes” for you, so protect your energy and your time by working with the right clients!With that in mind, there are three things that I want you to know when you’re figuring out whether someone is a good fit for you and your business. Ready to learn what they are? Tune into the episode to hear about them in detail, or read on for a summary and reminder!First, assess whether there’s a deep resonance in your spirit, and look for an openness in this person. If you find someone who’s always pointing the finger at other people rather than taking responsibility, rethink whether you want to work with this person!Second, watch for great chemistry. This means trust and respect developing in the conversation. If those things aren’t there, that’s a major red flag that you might not be the right fit for each other.Finally, look for teachability. You want to work with people who are teachable (and keep in mind that you should be teachable too, and open to learning from your clients).Don’t miss this episode to help you figure out exactly how to figure out if someone is the right fit for you. I’ll explore these three things in more depth, as well as offering a couple other tips to help you with this vital process.

In This Episode

[00:48] – Welcome back to the show! Jevonnah takes a moment to thank listeners who have been leaving reviews on iTunes.[01:41] – Today’s shoutout goes to Jon Shinaberry of Global Harvest Missions, who left a review on iTunes.[02:48] – Thank you (and congratulations) to those of you who have purchased and gone through Jevonnah’s Coaching Course![03:32] – We dive into today’s topic, which is all about knowing when to work with someone (or not).[04:48] – There are three things that Jevonnah wants you to know when figuring out if someone is a good fit. She explains the first one.[06:02] – We hear about the second and third tips for figuring out whether someone is the right fit for your business.[07:11] – Jevonnah recaps the three points that she has covered in today’s episode.[08:15] – The question that Jevonnah has been addressing today was submitted by a client, she explains.[09:27] – We learn about one of the things that Jevonnah asks on her coaching applications, and why the answer matters so much.[11:55] – Coaching is a long game, Jevonnah points out, and you want to work with people who understand that.

Memorable Quote or Takeaway

“Choose your clients wisely.” – Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison

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