40. What Every Coach Needs to Know


#40: What Every Coach Needs to Know



Whether you’re already a coach or thinking about becoming one, this episode is for you! I’ll dig into important things that every coach should know. Let’s start with things that you should do as a coach:

  1. Value yourself and your services! This means having confidence as a coach, because your clients will know if you don’t.
  2. See yourself as a business owner.
  3. Give it time. This is the best way to get consistent results!
  4. Gain credibility and visibility.
Now, let’s talk about what not to do as a coach!
  1. Do not be late to your coaching calls (and make sure you’re clear about time zones).
  2. Do not be distracted.
  3. Do not interrupt a client or potential client during a coaching call. This is a time for listening.
  4. Do not keep changing your price.
  5. Do not over-promise and under-deliver. In fact, do exactly the opposite!
  6. Do not avoid following up. Always follow up with your clients.
Sales is really the transfer of enthusiasm and confidence. You need to have both in what you offer, and value yourself as a business owner! I hope that these tips on what to do (and not do) help you, and I’d love to hear which you found most valuable!

In This Episode

[00:45] – Welcome back to the show! Jevonnah explains what today’s show will be about.[02:32] – Jevonnah has been coaching for many years, she explains.[03:16] – It’s not enough just to coach; you also have to embrace the business side of coaching! Jevonnah starts off by explaining some things that you should do.[05:03] – Jevonnah’s second tip is to see yourself as a business owner. She talks about what this means.[06:15] – We hear about Jevonnah’s third tip, which is to give it time.[08:04] – Jevonnah talks about how to gain credibility and visibility, as part of her fourth tip for coaches.[10:38] – We move on to learning about what not to do, with the #1 item on Jevonnah’s list being showing up late to your coaching calls.[11:35] – The next thing you shouldn’t do is be distracted (like checking messages or multitasking on a coaching call).[11:56] – Don’t interrupt, Jevonnah advises, and don’t keep changing your price.[14:13] – Jevonnah’s fifth tip to avoid is over-promising and under-delivering.[14:44] – Finally, don’t avoid following up with your clients![15:38] – Jevonnah recaps the things that you shouldn’t do as a coach.

Memorable Quote or Takeaway

“Be confident in your coaching. Confusion creates chaos but clarity and a clear mind creates cash.” – Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison

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