41. From California to Alabama – How to Deal with Major Transitions


#41: From California to Alabama – How to Deal with Major Transitions



Let’s talk about transitions. To get to the heart of the matter, I’ll explore this topic through my own personal story of my move from California to Alabama. Whether you’re transitioning between physical locations (like I did), or your transition is related to a relationship or mindset, I hope this episode helps you get through the process with grace.

The word of the Lord will last forever, but heaven and earth will pass away. We have to embrace change, and the fact that transition is a natural part of life and of living. That doesn’t make it easy, though, which is why I want to go into depth about this topic!

When I moved from California to Alabama, I missed my family and loved ones, not to mention my home. And that’s okay! No matter what transition you’re going through, it’s okay for it to be difficult to give up what you’ve been used to. And it took me a few years to really make the adjustment. Transition isn’t a sprint; you need to give yourself time.

If there’s one thing I could ask of you regarding transitions, it would be this: have the courage to make big moves! I don’t only mean literal, physical moves from one place to another, but also big moves in your life and your mindset. One way to make this easier is by nurturing and developing your relationships and friendships so that you have people to share with and to support you through tough times.

Tune into the episode to learn more about all of this, as well as my top three tips for transitions! these tips are particularly for physical transitions like my move from California to Alabama, but they may resonate in a different way in your life.

In This Episode

[00:51] – Jevonnah welcomes listeners to the episode, which is all about transitions.
[01:54] – The one constant in life is change, Jevonnah points out.
[03:21] – Jevonnah begins digging into the meat of the episode, talking about her own experience with transitioning from California to Alabama.
[05:21] – We learn about the importance of giving yourself time to get used to a transition.
[07:36] – Jevonnah asks listeners to be courageous enough to make big moves in your mindset.
[09:00] – We hear the first of three tips for transitions, especially transitions from one physical location to another (like Jevonnah’s move).
[10:28] – Jevonnah explains that her second tip for transitions is to get immersed.
[12:21] – The third of Jevonnah’s tips is to protect your confidence and your mindset, and not let negativity contaminate your new growth.
[14:10] – Jevonnah recommends the book Free to Dream by Charles E. Blake Sr.

Memorable Quote or Takeaway

“No matter what transition you’re going through in your life right now, remember that you’re not alone and that you’ll get through this.” – Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison

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