43. It’s Q and A time!


#43: It’s Q and A time!



We are diving into listener questions today, so let’s go!

It’s important to me that I keep my ear close to your questions so I can feel the heartbeat of my audience. I can’t wait to dive into questions which listeners sent in!

What advice would you give yourself in your early career as a coach? 1. Slow down! Building a business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. We are in our businesses for the long haul. 2. Don’t accept everyone as a client. Not everyone will be the right fit, work with clients that are high profit and low maintenance. 3. Don’t create too many products at once. Have a flagship product that you are known for in your business. Make that product excellent.

How do you choose what investments to make in yourself, when there are so many great choices? Hire someone who is ten steps ahead of me in my business. Be careful who you hire, and check their credentials. Eliminate the noise in my email by unsubscribing when emails are not needed. Control when I check in to my email, not when each email comes in.

What have you heard or used to build your email list? If you want to have a sustainable business, have a good email list. Webinars and an effective landing page, live events when I’m face to face with the people I serve. There is power is a small list.

What are the first three values you must build from the foundation of your business to hold you up through any weather?

1. Focus. Don’t muddy your business with clutter.
2. Truth. Your business won’t be the same as someone else’s business. It’s OK to grow slow.
3. Integrity. Always honor your word. Make sure to honor God in your business.

Tune into the episode to learn more details when I answer listener questions about email list, how you should invest in yourself, values for your foundation and advice you would give yourself.

In This Episode

[02:03] – Jevonnah welcomes listeners to the episode, where she is answering listener questions.
[02:40] – Jevonnah answers her first listener question about advice she would have given herself when she first started.
[05:57] – Jevonnah recommends a book, Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt.
[06:15] – Jevonnah answers her second listener question about investing in yourself.
[08:05] – We hear the answer to the third listener question
[09:55] – Jevonnah answers the fourth listener question
[11:20] – We hear what Jevonnah has learned from running marathons.
[14:35] – Jevonnah reminds us to “be true to who you are” and our glory goes back to God.

Memorable Quote or Takeaway

“Don’t create too many products at once. Have a flagship product that you are known for in your business. Make that product excellent.” – Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison


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