44. Stories about Letting Your Life Speak


#44: Stories about Letting Your Life Speak

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We are here today talking about creative ways to let your life speak! It’s important to remember that we need to make the higher values guide everything we do.

I tell people about webinars, ads, and courses, and these are necessary; however, the best way to getting clientele is letting your life speak.

The grocery store: I struck up a conversation with the person next to me, and they ended up becoming a student in my course. Genuine listening is listening to the other person more than telling people about your product or service. Take the time to be more interested in others, so they want to know more about you.

On the airplane: Show yourself friendly! She was excited about what she was working on, and I gave her a referral to another coach who would be better suited for her.

In a car accident: when I was hit by another car, I asked him if we could stop and pray together. He said he felt better. After a conversation, he ended up speaking to his employees about having grace under pressure.

Tune into the episode to listen to the details of these stories and more. It’s incredible how God plays a part in each of these events. Think of ways you can be creative and let your life speak. Be in the being, not so much in the doing.

In This Episode

[02:07] – We hear about letting your life speak, not just using the tools of technology.
[02:20] – Jevonnah tells us to check out the link in the show notes below to register for Thrive Summit 2019
[03:19] – Jevonnah talks about being more interested than interesting to the other person you are talking to.
[04:15] – Jevonnah tells us her about the person she met on the airplane.
[05:17] – Jevonnah gives us her experience about being in a car accident and how prayer played a part in her experience.
[07:31] – We hear about being more than the doing, are you being mindful and self-aware how you influence others?
[08:22] – Jevonnah tells us about her experience at church. Take better actions, get better results.
[09:11] – We hear about Jevonnah’s story about the anxiety and her dentist visit.
[10:03] – Jevonnah tells us that coaching that is done effectively works from the inside out and is a part of who you are and meant to be.

Memorable Quote or Takeaway

“Coaching done effectively should come from the inside out.” – Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison


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