45. How to honor the service of ministry and still bring in an income


#45: How to honor the service of ministry and still bring in an income



How do you honor the service of ministry when you are helping people who are struggling and still bring in an income?

This question recently came up in my coaching group. We divided this into categories to take bite-sized pieces to talk about and work out a solution.

We speak about ministry and the critical components of ministry such as helping, service, and struggling. How can you help? By doing good to others by letting your life be a light, an example to others. Teach others how to invest in themselves and why investing in yourself is essential. Giving your services away for free does not assist them in the necessary growth process. Allow the power of investment to move through to your clients.

Tune into the episode to listen to the details of these stories and more. Addressing solutions to these struggles is the way to find freedom and growth for you and your clients without feeling resentment and burnout.

In This Episode

[01:55] – How Jevonnah addressed this question in the coaching session.
[03:00] – Jevonnah asks, “When you think of honor, what comes to mind for you?”
[03:53] – Another question Jevonnah poses is ‘What does helping mean to you?”
[04:35] – We have all been through a struggle, how do you address struggle?
[05:30] – Jevonnah recommends teaching people the power of investing in themselves.
[07:20] – Jevonnah tells us we should not feel obligated and to be careful of burning out and resentment.
[08:15] – We hear what Jevonnah’s solution number one is for these struggles.
[10:12] – Jevonnah speaks about having skin in the game and having a full cup.
[12:15] – Jevonnah suggests serving one to many, to serve more people as a coach.
[13:45] – Jevonnah tells us what the best version of yourself could include.
[14:45] – Have a coach who has their own coach and is in a leadership position.
[15:55] – Jevonnah says confidence comes from taking action.
[18:03] – How Jevonnah inspired others to have a service of ministry and still be profitable.
[20:03] – Jevonnah says to take good care of yourself as you build your business.
[21:00] – Jevonnah reads a quote from Toxic Charity by Bob Lupton.

Memorable Quote or Takeaway

“You are powerful beyond measure. Rise up and let God be glorified through you.” – Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison


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