47. 24 Keys for Coaches


#47: 24 Keys for Coaches



We are here today discussing critical keys which you need to know as a coach. Today I’ll give you 27 gems you need to know as a coach. From keeping yourself together and carrying yourself well to how you can serve others with excellence. The basics, such as ‘be prepared’ are just as essential as the more advanced components we talk about on this episode.We speak about the foundational values and thought processes of what makes a good coach. How a great coach is one who the learner seeks and finds, as the teacher will appear to those who are ready for your practice. Instead of looking to ‘take’ from a client, listen to let your life speak to others. Coaching should be an ingrained part of who you are and in your nature to inspire other people. Remember the Momentum Theorem and complete, don’t compete, as it’s OK to grow slow.Tune into the episode to listen to advice and knowledge Jevonnah gives today’s coaches. Learn the principles and standards every great coach can carry with them in their coaching toolbox.

In This Episode

[02:56] – Jevonnah explains what the word discouraged really means.

[03:36] – Jevonnah tells a story which relates to how we feel when we are discouraged.

[04:18] – Jevonnah tells us reason #1 we should keep going, even when we are discouraged.

[03:55] – Jevonnah starts us with #1, “If you want to focus as a coach, make sure to free yourself to be able to focus”.[04:20] – Jevonnah uses The Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt

[04:40] – Jevonnah continues with #2, “We may plant the seed, but God brings the rain.”

[05:20] – Jevonnah gives us #3, “The best coaches are sought out, not seeking for.”

[06:20] – Jevonnah suggests for us to ask ourselves, “How can I serve someone with excellence today?” for gem #4.

[07:07] – Jevonnah says for us to “Let our life speak” for gem #5.

[07:36] – We hear Jevonnah tell us, for #7, “Change your message so you’re not speaking to everyone.”

[08:00] – Jevonnah speaks about #8, “Focused intensity over time.”

[08:13] – #10: “You guarantee your own success.”

[09:03] – Jevonnah tells us, in #11, “Do not neglect the people who have already shown interest.”

[10:18] – Jevonnah suggests to “Partner with a big fish.” for #14

[11:45] – How Jevonnah grows slow.

[13:27] – Jevonnah suggests to ask deep questions and lists four questions you can use to reflect and be aware of where you are going.

[14:14] – Jevonnah suggests the book Good Leaders Ask Great Questions by John Maxwell

[15:05] – Jevonnah tells us in #20, “Keep your job if you are depending on your clients for income.”

[16:15] – Jevonnah says in #21 to “Have your stuff together.”

[19:06] – Jevonnah suggests to “Come to the call with the attitude to serve” for gem #23.

[19:55] – “Invest in yourself and invest in your growth” for gem #27.

[20:04] – Jevonnah says there are seven questions to ask yourself when you make out your will.

Memorable Quote or Takeaway

“Run your own race. Don’t compare your back stage to someone else’s front stage.” – Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison


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