49. 4 Ways to Reduce Stress


#49: 4 Ways to Reduce Stress



Today I walk you through 4-ways to reduce stress. Sound like a topic you need? If you’re a small business owner, stay at home parent, or simply have a stressful job, this episode is for you! Listen in for some quick tips on relaxing your mind and body.What are those 4 tips for reducing stress? First, get moving! Exercise has many fantastic benefits and stress reduction is one of the best. Get social! Talking with others and connecting is extremely beneficial for the body and mind. Get laughing! Science has proven that laughing can reduce pain and helps release hormones that reduce stress. Get away! Taking a vacation and getting away from your normal environment helps to rejuvenate the soul.Per Dr. Phil McGraw, there are three external factors that we can trace that show us how we became the person we are today. Listen in and then contemplate what these factors are for you. Write them down and get very specific.

  1. 10 defining moments.
  2. 7 critical choices.
  3. 5 pivotal people.
Work these stress-reducing tips into your routine! How do you reduce stress in your life? While you’re focusing on reducing stress, journal on the things that have brought you to where you are today. Let me know what your moments are!

In This Episode

[00:46] – Welcome back to the show! Ready to learn how to reduce stress? 

[02:07] – Jevonnah shares the inspiration for this topic and why it is so important.

[02:37] – Jevonnah paints a very stressful picture of what could be a typical day for a business owner.

[03:15] – 25% of small business owners report being stressed for most of the day.

[03:34] – Get moving! Activity is extremely important to stress reduction.

[05:05] – Talk, socialize, put yourself around others! Be intentional about it.

[06:05] – Laugh. Big, huge, belly laughs.

[07:01] – Take a vacation. Getting away rejuvenates your soul.

[08:05] – Hear why learning to relax helps you manage the problems in your life.

[08:42] – Learn the three types of external factors that have helped you become who you are. 

Memorable Quote or Takeaway

“We are not designed to constantly be ON. Find the OFF button every once and a while and give yourself permission to truly rest.” – Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison


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