50. In Loving Memory…Lessons on Loss


#50: In Loving Memory…Lessons on Loss



Today’s episode is a little bit different. I lost a very dear friend of mine recently. She was so young, only 42 years old. One day she was perfectly fine, no health problems to speak of, and the next she’d experienced a heart attack and passed away 24-hours later. I’m sharing this with you today because it has been placed on my heart to speak about time, and how it is so precious, fragile, and fleeting.

So many of us entrepreneurs pride ourselves on being busy, being productive, hitting certain number goals. People will remember your impact on their lives and the lives of those around you. How are you impacting your corner of the world? 

I’ll leave you with this if you were given 6-healthy months to live, what would you be doing differently today? What would you start doing, stop doing, and keep doing? Let me know! Send me a message, leave a review, let me know how you would change your life if you knew you wouldn’t be around tomorrow. 

Then remember… everyone’s time here is short! You’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Stay tuned to the end of the episode and hear my prayer for all of those experiencing a period of bereavement. 

In This Episode

[01:02] Welcome back to the show!

[01:42] Life and time are very fragile, what are you doing with your days? 

[02:45] Jevonnah shares a story from a book she’s been reading.

[03:34] What would you be doing with your time if you only had 6-months to live?

[05:02] Before you tell your life anything, let your life inform you.

[05:29] Are you spending your time the way you should? Anyone, that you need to call? 

[06:13] Stop being so busy, just to be busy.

[07:04] Have the courage to live your life authentic to who you are!

[08:02] Jevonnah prays for those experiencing a period of bereavement.

[10:07] What are you going to start doing? What are you going to stop doing? What are you going to keep doing?

Memorable Quote or Takeaway

“A wise woman numbers her days and understands that time is the most precious resource she has. Use it well.” – Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison


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