54. Your Battle Board


#54: Your Battle Board

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Love… and entrepreneurship… is a battlefield… is your battle board ready? Today I want to talk to you about preparing your strategy for the upcoming months. Are you ready to dive in?

This episode isn’t long, but it’s impactful. I want you to start thinking about 2020! What is it going to bring? What do you need to prepare? How are you getting ready? Have you created your battle board? 

Send me a picture of your battle board and let’s get ready for the new year together!

In This Episode

[00:54] Welcome back to the show!

[01:20] Thank you all who have reached out about this years’ Thrive Summit!

[02:16] Learn where the Battle Board came from, what it is, and why placement is important.

[03:41] Separate that board into 12 GIGANTIC pieces and write the month.

[04:10] List the top THREE priorities for that month.

[05:23] Do it NOW!

[06:47] Be intentional about your time!

[07:22] Take action, get in it, post pictures!

[07:58] We are going to win the year!

Memorable Quote or Takeaway

“Be intentional about planning what you what your future to look like.” – Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison


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