55. How to Deal with Overload


#55: How to Deal with Overload

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The other day I had a moment. I had paper everywhere, client calls to manage, new client applications to review, events to plan and attend, and the list goes on. Do you ever have days like that? Days that just feel like you can’t get anything done? Then you’re probably overloaded. In this episode, I want to share with you strategies you can use to overcome those moments of overwhelm and maintain your productivity. Learn the five strategies and points I use and reevaluate when things start to feel too hard. Owning your own business is hard, don’t get me wrong, but there are times when it is too hard and that’s when you need to take a moment. 

  1. First, recognize that you cannot do it ALL. It’s not possible, there is only one you.
  2. Revisit your “why,” and reconnect with the reason you started your business in the first place.
  3. Take baby steps!
  4. Set a schedule.
  5. Ask for help.
  6. Bonus: Incorporate naps into your day.

Along with tips for overcoming your overwhelm, I also want to give you advice on why saying “no” can help you avoid overwhelm in the first place. Learn gracious ways you can say no and protect your “yes.” Let me know what you think. Will you be able to use these tips?

In This Episode

[00:47] Welcome back to the show and get ready to talk about overcoming overload.[02:17] Recently I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and realized this is an issue we all face.[04:00] You need to recognize that you CAN’T do it all![05:05] Why you should revisit your “why.”[05:49] Know that you will have to take baby steps to reach success.[06:49] Set a schedule so that your mind doesn’t fade out due to overload.[08:20] Ask. For. Help![10:15] Incorporate naps into your day to help restore brain cells.[11:12] How to graciously say no when you feel the pressure to say yes.[12:17] Excerpt from Boundaries.[14:24] 5-personal ways you can graciously say no to someone.[15:14] Why adding, “at this time” and “right now,” is not necessary.[17:03] 5-professional ways you can graciously say no.

Memorable Quote or Takeaway

“Protect your time. It’s a precious resource that should be cherished and guarded.” – Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison


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