7. How to go deeper with less


#7: How to go deeper with less

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If you’re ready to learn how to go deeper with less, this is the episode for you!When you hear about going deeper with less, don’t you just feel better? It opens up the idea of possibilities even in a world where all of us are overwhelmed with things to do both personally and professionally. If you’re not careful, everything you need to do can leave your mind spinning! This is why it’s so important that we are intentional about going deeper with less.In today’s episode, you’ll learn all about my intentional three-step system for going deeper with less. Here are the three steps you’ll hear about:

  • Reflect. Sit down with your thoughts in a quiet space and answer this question: “Do I really need all of this?”
  • Refresh. When you’re going deeper with less, you need to refresh both your mind and spirit. Take time to relax, whatever that means to you!
  • Recommit! If you’re going to go deeper with less, you need to recommit to what you’re going to go deeper with.
Tune in to learn more about this system and each of the three steps, as well as my strategies for making sure that I get the most out of my books, some powerful opportunities for you, how going deeper with less can simplify your life, why it’s so important to take time for yourself, and more!

In This Episode

[00:46] – Jevonnah welcomes listeners to episode 7 of the podcast, and shares her appreciation for listeners.
[01:15] – We hear more about what Jevonnah will explore in this episode. Jevonnah then gives a shout-out to a listener who left a review for the podcast!
[03:01] – Jevonnah talks about just why it’s so important to be intentional about going deeper with less.
[04:00] – We hear Jevonnah’s three-step system. The first step is to reflect and create mental bandwidth for yourself.
[05:53] – Be selective and reflect on whether you really need all the things you have, Jevonnah urges.
[07:13] – Jevonnah shares a practice that she does that involves labeling books.
[08:21] – Part of going deeper with less means not looking at the grass on the other side.
[09:27] – The second step in Jevonnah’s three-step system is to refresh.
[10:44] – The third and final step in Jevonnah’s system is to recommit.
[11:39] – Jevonnah takes a moment to go back and review each of the three steps in her system. She then talks about what she knows about you, her listener.

Memorable Quote or Takeaway

“Less is more.” – Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison


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