Can You Make Someone Believe in Themselves?

I’ve been talking a lot about Mastermind’s lately.

I am privileged to be in a Mastermind of extremely successful and smart world changers.

When I posed this question to them, I received excellent feedback. Enjoy the wisdom of my Mastermind in response to the question:

“Can you make someone believe in themselves?” 


“I agree that you can’t make someone believe in themselves but I do think we can help people see their value and then help them transfer their confidence in one area of life to another, slowly and step-by-step.

For example, if someone is a great baseball player and knows they are we can help them gain confidence in other areas by helping them break things down to tiny steps that allow them to utilize baseball skills they’re comfortable with in another area. We can ask what it took to break out of a slump. They might say they needed to go back to basics and practice 2 hours a day.

We could then ask them how they could apply that same process to another aspect of their life or business – how can they find the basics and small steps they’ve been able to succeed through in a baseball context then help them gain confidence in their ability to repeat that process.

In other words, we can help them find areas where they believe in themselves and then help them gain confidence in other areas by redirecting the skills, beliefs, etc., in which they already have confidence.” – Nick Pavlidis 

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