How To Deal With Criticism

When building your business, you will inevitably draw criticism.

It’s a sign of progress. The very fact that you’re drawing criticism more than likely means that you’re saying something significant.

Everyone won’t like it – and that’s ok.

Here are 7 steps for dealing with criticism:

#1 Remember you’re not alone. Anyone doing anything significant draws criticism.

#2 Assess the scale of the problem. Keep it in perspective. Don’t let 1 or 2 negative comments make you feel like the whole world is against you. In other words, “Do not allow a negative minority to distract from a positive majority.” – Michael Hyatt

#3 Categorize the criticism correctly. There are friends, critics and trolls. The friends are those who love you and are trying to save you from yourself smile emoticon. They have your best interest at heart. Then there are critics. They aren’t out to get you – they just don’t agree with what you said. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re a hater. It just means they disagree with you. The trolls are the ones to avoid. They just want a fight and are hoping you react so they can get some significance. The best strategy for them? IGNORE. The more you engage with them, the more powerful they get. Take the high ground and walk away.

#4 Process your emotions privately. It’s natural to want to respond immediately when you’re hurt. Don’t respond when you’re angry or hurt. Put the computer down. Don’t send that email just yet. Go for a walk.Talk to someone who loves you. Calm down, then go back. Don’t let someone attack or provoke you at your weakest.

#5 Seek wisdom from your inner circle. When you’re tempted to over-react or under-react, it’s so important you have people who know your heart. These are the people you want to consult with before you respond. That’s one of the many benefits of being in a Mastermind. You have high quality people to share matters of the heart with.

#6 Decide how you’ll respond. Decide IF and HOW you’ll respond. You have 3 options. Option #1: Make a minor adjustment. Option #2 Make a major adjustment Option #3 Hold your ground.

#7 Communicate with grace and assurance. People are watching you. They are looking to see how you respond. Always respond with grace and respect. Don’t be afraid to apologize if it’s required. Continue to be confident. Don’t be overly apologetic but always respond (if absolutely necessary) with grace, dignity and love.

Criticism hurts. It stings. But it’s also an opportunity for you to grow and expand your message. Model character and leadership. And remember this above all, a prayer for you:

“May God give you the strength and courage to do the work He has called you to do today. May you be willing to work hard – and then leave the final results in HIS hands.”

I owe significant credit to my virtual mentor, Michael Hyatt, for sharing many of these truths with me inside Platform University.

Question: What productive strategies have you used to deal with criticism? 

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  • Machelle Thomas

    How I deal with criticism I just explain whatever the matter may be that were having a discussion on, and then I tell myself no matter what, I still did my best!

  • Jevonnah Ellison

    Awesome, Machelle!