32. How to Successfully Blend Faith & Business




How to Successfully Blend Faith & Business


Let’s talk about how to blend faith and business in a secular world. This comes up for a lot of us who are believers, but also happen to be in business. Blending your spiritual and work life without being overbearing is a tough line to walk sometimes. On one hand, you want to reflect your values across all aspects of your life (including business), but you don’t want to be overly preachy. The struggle is real, so I’m here to help you along the way!To start off, just be kind. Say hello, give a genuine smile, or pay honest compliments. Next, be amazingly generous. This will speak volumes about your faith, without you needing to say a single word about it. My third tip is to socialize and be friendly. To have a friend, you have to be friendly! This doesn’t mean you need to attend every event, but you should go out of your way to extend kindness and socialize.My fourth tip is the first one that involves actually sharing your faith: mention your faith in passing, but be strategic. I’ll give an example of this during the episode, so you can understand what it means. Shine the light instead of bringing the heat! My fifth and final tip on the subject for today is to pray for business insight that gets results, and pray for insights before you move forward.The world is noisy, big, and tempting, and will try to pull you away from your core values. Don’t let that happen! Stay true to what you know, and remember that God helped you get started.

In This Episode

[00:44] – Welcome to the show! Today’s episode will be all about blending faith and business in a secular world.
[01:53] – How do you blend your spiritual and work life without being overbearing?
[02:49] – One thing to keep in mind is to be kind!
[03:37] – Jevonnah’s second tip is to be amazingly generous, she explains.
[04:25] – We learn about Jevonnah’s third tip, which is to socialize and be friendly.
[05:35] – The fourth way to blend faith and business is to mention your faith in passing, but be strategic.
[06:50] – Jevonnah shares her fifth tip, which is to pray for business insight that gets results. Making better decisions is key. 
[08:49] – Jevonnah reviews what she has been saying and recaps her five tips for being a light in your place of work (without being overbearing).
[10:31] – We hear about one of the first things that Jevonnah decided to do when starting her company.
[11:36] – Jevonnah leaves listeners with a question: what would you do if you were brave?

Memorable Quote or Takeaway

“Standing strong in your price will help send the right people to you. Remember, the money is made in your BRAIN first before it appears in your bank account. Having a suite of products at different price points is key. Executing the right ideas consistently is what gets you there.” -Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison

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