Launch Out into the Deep!

Is this your season to do something ELSE extraordinary?

What are those NEW dreams and goals you have in mind for the future?

It’s critical that we don’t become heavily dependent on the successes of yesterday that it prevents from moving forward to the next level today.

“Comfortability and complacency are cousins.” – Jevonnah Ellison

Today’s video is going to give you 3 simple strategies to help you “launch out into the deep.”

Click below to watch now.

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  • Grace Carter

    What a wonderful message, Lady J. I remember once saying that a certain victory in my life was so amazing that I would be happy if the Lord never did another thing – I soon learned that this kind of thinking was the language of quitting, not the language of gratitude and appreciation for God’s blessings that I intended. The real language of faith is launching into deeper waters for greater manifestation,..over and over. I understand this now, and I so appreciate this community of people who are casting their nets with faith and expectency.

  • Jevonnah Ellison

    Thank you so much for stopping to comment, Grace! I especially love what you said: “The real language of faith is launching into deeper waters for greater manifestation…over and over.”

    You’re exactly right.