How To Reach Your Maximum Potential

Lady J's 5 Baby Steps - MPA Training Video #1

I’m so excited to let you all know that I’ve been working on a customized “system” for MPA – Maximum Potential Academy, my online business school for Kingdom minded entrepreneurs.

After some coaching myself, I decided to go through MPA as if I were a brand new beginner and just getting started.

Well, without a system to follow and a series of outlined steps, it’s pretty easy to get lost in the maze of questions, wins, challenges, etc. and get caught up in complete overwhelm about what you should or shouldn’t be doing. I get it. I feel ya!


Introducing (drum roll please)….

Lady J’s 5 BABY STEPS for MPA!!!!

If you follow these baby steps, in the exact order I present them, you WILL see results in your business. And if you’re curious about MPA and are ready to sign up already, here’s the link to join. (you high achiever, you!)

I don’t want you all over the place.
Following a system like this will help you focus and get results faster.

Now just a quick word about systems.

What I’m sharing with you is what I have done personally to get results. While this is not a “miracle diet pill that will make me lose 10 pounds in 24 hours” it is a framework you can follow that will help you gain momentum & traction faster than you could have on your own.

And in all honesty, there really is nothing new under the sun. (Solomon told us that in the Bible).

I was able to learn these steps from the excellent coaches and mentors I’ve invested with in the past (and still invest with today).

The difference is that I’ve narrowed them down to just 5 actionable steps for you with a little Lady J seasoning on the side. 🙂

So here we go:

BABY STEP #1: Gain Clarity
At this stage, you must find your voice and get to the root of your “why”. Define “why” you want to start and grow your business.

Ask yourself questions like:

* “Who is my audience?”
* “What value am I offering them?”
* “Can I boil that down to a slogan?”


1) If you already have a blog, conduct a reader survey to determine who you’re serving right now and what resonates with them. And if you don’t have a blog yet, get one started! (Here’s my step by step tutorial)
2) Write a core value proposition to get clear on your message and what you have to offer.

BABY STEP #2: Content Creation

At this stage, you’ve already launched your blog, podcast or video channel. You’re gaining a bit of momentum and are learning the ABC’s of business. (Always Be Consistent)

Ask yourself questions like:

* “What’s the best way to deliver content to my audience in the way they like to receive it?”
*”How does my audience like to hear from me?”
* “How often should I post?”


1) Establish your home base. Where are you going to show up consistently? (Hint: It should be your website)
2) Select your primary content categories. Is it youtube videos, a blog, or both?
3) Determine your voice
4) Commit to a publication schedule

BABY STEP #3 – Attract the Right Customers & Clients

At this stage, you know how to deliver content consistently and are focused on sharing it with as many people as possible. You’re building your email list, social media following, and influence in the marketplace.

Ask yourself questions like:

* “Are you actively building your email list?”
* “What content could you create or re-purpose to make your lead magnet. (Hint: Check out or a way to create content fast)
* “Where are your readers showing up already?”


1) Install an email collection form
2) Create an email incentive that gives a ton of value to your reader in exchange for their name and email address.
3) Choose a primary social media channel. No, you don’t have to be everywhere. Pick the one you’re most likely to be consistent at, where your audience is hanging out, and master it.
4) Develop a social media strategy. Be consistent with your posting.

BABY STEP #4 – Create Cash!

At this stage, you’ve built a solid subscriber base and know that you could serve them better and more effectively by offering additional products or courses.

Ask yourself questions like:

* “Do I want to supplement or completely replace my current income?”
* “What type of unique products can I create right now that will serve my audience?”
* “Am I willing to have ads on my site?”
* “Will I build affiliate relationships?”


1) Understand your relationship with money. What you offer is of value.
2) Consider advertising income.
3) Maximize affiliate opportunities. Only support someone’s product that you have experienced first.

BABY STEP #5 – Be Your Own Boss

This stage is when you’re ready to hire a team and empower others to steward the message you love. You’ve freed yourself from the demands of a day job and are ready to take your business full time. You’re develop infrastructure and developing workflows.

Ask yourself questions like:

* “Am I truly serious and ready to go pro and build a full time business?”
* “Do I have a clear vision for my company and how it will grow?”
* “Who should be on my team”?
* “What are my company values?”
* “Do I have adequate cash reserves in place?”


1) Learn how to delegate. Focus on what you do best so that you can delegate or outsource the rest.
2) Establish a hiring process. You don’t want to just hire the first person that show’s up. Have a system of thoughtful questions in place.
3) Identify and define key workflows.
4) Pay attention to the numbers. The numbers will tell you about the health of your business.

Question: What stage are you in currently? Where do you want to be in the next 90 Days? Leave a comment below. I read every one and look forward to helping you move forward.

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