Live out Your God-Given Purpose and Thrive!

You know your life is meant for more.
I’ll help you build a business and life you love while keeping God 1st.

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You want your life to matter.

You want to be successful. And you want to keep God 1st in it all.

You’ve landed on this page for a reason.

Whether you were just doing a google search or you found me some other way, I believe there’s a divine reason why you’re here.

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What's the Cost of Not Thriving?

What’s the cost of not becoming who you were meant to be?

You’ll risk living beneath your potential.

You’ll risk remaining stuck and unfulfilled.

You’ll risk not living out your God-given purpose.

That is a price you don’t want to pay.

Let me help you.

From starting your own successful, profitable business to maximizing your potential, I’m here to help you thrive!

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You know that your life is meant for more.

But somehow you feel stuck.

You’re not thriving the way really you want to.

I’m here to coach you so that you can get unstuck, truly walk in your God-given purpose and thrive!

Get Your FREE 3 Day Life Class

A FREE 3 Day Life Class

Deepen your relationship with God as you build your business and lean into your entrepreneurial spirit.

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A seasonal podcast for those who want leave a legacy of love, encouragement and generosity.

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My year long signature coaching program for high achievers. Build a life you love that honors God AND brings you good success. (Deuteronomy 8:18)

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The Thrive Mastermind

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What Leaders Say About Jevonnah "Lady J"

After interacting with Jevonnah, your self-image will improve, decision measures will increase and you’ll believe positively in yourself.

With Jevonnah, you are headed for an incredible future of growth & achievement.

Jevonnah is one of the most gifted people I know. She has the heart & head for helping people make great changes!

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