Live out Your God-Given Purpose and Thrive!

You know that your life is meant for more. But somehow you feel stuck.

You’re not thriving the way really you want to.

I’m here to coach you so that you can get unstuck, truly walk in your God-given purpose and thrive!

From starting your own successful business to maximizing your potential, I’m here to help you thrive!

Start with my complimentary 3 Day Life Class to get you on the path to thriving.

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Transformation Starts Here

You’ve landed on this page for a reason.

Whether you were just doing a google search or you found me some other way, there’s a divine reason why you’re here.

Don’t ignore that nudge.

Transformation happens when you say yes and move into alignment with your assignment.

Great Joy & Clarity Awaits...

When you move into divine alignment with your unique God-given assignment, the joy and clarity you’ll feel are priceless.

Get Your FREE 3 Day Life Class

A FREE 3 Day Life Class

This FREE 3 Day Life Class will help you deepen your relationship with God as you build your business and expand your purpose. It will also help you notice things that others may miss.

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The Thrive Podcast

For those who want leave a legacy of love, encouragement and generosity.
You want to be remembered for the way you positively impacted the lives of others and made a lasting difference.

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The Coaching Course

My signature course will help you start and grow your own unique online coaching business.

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The Thrive Mastermind

If you’re someone who wants coaching from Lady J and a supportive group of fellow leaders who are committed to keeping God first in their life and business, you are personally invited to apply for my Thrive Mastermind.

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What Leaders Say About Jevonnah "Lady J"

With Jevonnah, you are headed for an incredible future of growth & achievement.

Jevonnah is one of the most gifted people I know. She has the heart & head for helping people make great changes!

After interacting with Jevonnah, your self-image will improve, decision measures will increase and you’ll believe positively in yourself.

Step #1: Get Your FREE 3 Day Life Class

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